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About the C.E.O

C.E.O. Bestford Capital Pte. Ltd.

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C.E.O. Bestford Capital, Tan Boy Tee, Native of Singapore, born in 1949 is best recognised as the president of Bestford Deep Sea Shippings, the founder of Labroy Marine, a tug and barge company, which in 2008 worth for $700 million. Tan, a masterclass Private Program Placement investor, also Served as Chairman and Non-Executive Director of Beng Kuang Marine. He was also a Director at Kim Soon Marine & Trading, Singlights..., Today, he seeks to invest in various business sectors including but not limited to oil and gas, aviation, healthcare, equipment, energy, agriculture, gold and many other in need of financing. He also owns a large stake in Tembusu Partners, a private equity firm.

Through privately held holding company Bestford Capital, Tan Boy Tee expanded its hotel portfolio in partnership with Canada’s Westmont Hospitality, buying a majority stake in American hotel chain Red Roof Inn in 2015 with close to 11,000 rooms across 89 properties after single-high-handedly acquiring Park Hyatt in Washington D.C., which sold for $100 million last year and Boston's Battery Wharf Hotel for $50 million among others. The Singaporean businessman Tan Boy Tee  firm owns stakes in firms such as Viking Offshore & Marine and has an estimated net worth of $870 million as of August 2013 and became a billionaire in 2015 making the Forbes list of billionaires in Singapore.

Bona fides : Tan Boy Tee has facilitated over $14.5 billion in loans, with a minimal interest rate which makes repayment simple, uncomplicated, trouble-free and comfortable for beneficiaries.

Forbes on Tan Boy Tee : Renowned Singaporean billionaire and finance expert, financially supporting businesses and companies worldwide while helping investors grow.

Email Tan Boy Tee at : (Investors Only)

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